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«Hello! I sell honey!» — proudly say the beekeepers. What advantages has this or that honey sort? Honey with propolis contraindications. How to choose honey for health correctly and how to keep it rightly? Where to buy honey at a low price? How to order honey with home delivery and to receive a discount? Honey useful properties. Are there honey sales? To help in these and many other situations — too pride!

Delicious honey

Honey kinds

All kinds of natural honey are tasty and healthy. All have healing properties. How to know about a wide range of qualities and tastes? Honey kinds which properties are interesting to the consumer are called botanical. Honey propolis wax. The most popular and healthy kinds are: Buckwheat honey — the most flavorous. It has dark brown color with a red shade. It has the great amount of iron supplementation. It is an effective remedy for anemia. A remedy for the liver and heart diseases. Means of treatment of stones in internal organs. Linden honey is the second of popularity. It, as a rule, transparent and light, similar to amber.

Flavor of this honey too quite full-bodied, but delicate. It is excellent remedy for wounds and burns. White honey effectively fights bacteria. It is a remedy for diseases of bronchial tubes. Linden honey is effective in the gynecological deseases. Meadow honey— light, fragrant honey of all flower variety. This honey makes you feel better, it is a remedy for tachycardia, sour stomach. It is a cure for the insomnia and headache. Honey of acacia almost colourless, it is clear and becomes milky-white. It has a positive effect on urogenital system and in general strengthens an organism. Sweet clover honey has light amber colour. Bee pollen benefits. A difficult taste — its main advantage. It is honey with delicate aroma. Heather honey has a little bitter, astringent flavor, unique taste. It is viscous, and its flavour is weak. There is a large number of honey kinds: each kind has its own characteristics — both flavor, and healing.

Honey storage

Honey – a completely natural product. It has different colour and consistence depending on storage age and conditions. It is especially important to create the necessary storage conditions for honey because when it is stored inappropriately this product can lose a part of healthy properties. Use of an adsorbed dry royal jelly. Store honey in a glass, or aluminum. It is possible to use the enameled ware or ceramics (provided that there is an enamel inside). Buy honey wholesale 2018. If you buy honey in pots — it is beautiful, purchase honey in jars — conveniently, but at home it will be better to find other container for honey storage; Storage containers for fresh honey have to be washed well up: even the leftover honey stored in them earlier can cause extremely undesirable process of fermentation.

Wooden pots are perfectly suitable for honey. Right materials for honey pots — a cedar, a birch, or a linden; Metal ware categorically won't be suitable for honey storage; Honey absorbs all smells. All about honey and bee products. So you shouldn't stand it close to liquids with strong smells. Humidity also harms honey therefore it is recommended to put away salt because it has property keep air moist; It is better to put honey in glassware where is no light. Bee products pollen. Bright sunlight takes away many healthy honey properties; The home refrigerator or cellar will be suitable for honey storage. Honey withstands a temperature down to -20 degrees C.

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How to buy honey?

Honey — the unique product, so to choose, eat and use it for different purposes is a pleasure. A mask for hair with a royal jelly. To order honey with home delivery, to buy it in any convenient container, to receive a discount you can with the assistance of the consultant: just make the application on the site, having specified your phone number and the e-mail address. The color of honey with propolis. Let the natural honey will be in each home in summer and in winter!

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